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2.9 With the help of the school librarian, identify and describe well-known sites, events, or landwards in at least three different countries from which students' families come and explain why they are important. (H, G, C)

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Examples of famous locations:



  • The Colosseum
    The Colleseum
    • Located in Rome, Italy
    • 50,000 person amphitheater
    • Opened in AD 80
    • Mainly used for gladiator shows
    • Partially destroyed by fires and earthquakes
    • Mostly made up of arches
    • Has 3 levels
    • Spectators were separated by class
    • The spectators were packed together very tightly
    • The Colosseum is a symbol of the Roman architecture and gives an example of ancient Roman culture
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Arch entrance to Olympic Stadium

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  • Olympia
    • Site of the first Olympic games in 776 BC
    • Continued there for about 12 centuries until pagan traditions were banned
    • The games were linked to a celebration of Zeus
    • The site was a religious area that had temples and shrines as well as athletic fields
    • Its main temples were for Zeus and Hera
    • The games were supposed to show off the strength and power of young people while also promoting good relations among Greek cities
    • Importance of religion and athleticism in Greek society
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The Great Wall of China

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  • Great Wall of China
    • Most of the wall was constructed between the 14th and 17th centuries
    • Different emperors ordered for various additions
    • Created to prevent invasions of China
    • The people who built the wall were mainly criminals and soliders
    • Many people actually died while making the wall, around 400,000
    • More than 3,000 miles long
    • Has guard towers spread throughout the wall
    • Certain sections today are falling apart, others have been cut through for roads
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Cenotaph and Peace Museum in Hiroshima


  • Hiroshima
    • August 6, 1945 the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan
    • Destroyed 90% of the city
    • Killed 80,000 people instantly, more died later from radiation
    • Dropped at 8:15am
    • Japan surrendered at noon on August 15, 1945
    • Most of Hiroshima was rebuilt after the war, except one section
    • This remains as a reminder of the effects of war and the atomic bomb
    • There is now a museum dedicated to peace, including a peace park and memorial
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Church located in Aksum


  • Aksum
    • Also known as Axum
    • Kingdom in Ethiopia
    • Home to many elite
    • Had natural resources, such as gold and ivory
    • Was a connection between the Roman Empire and India
    • Had a high literacy rate, made its own coins, and created unique architecture
    • Was rumored that the Ark of the Convent was being held in Aksum
    • One of its obelisks was looted by Benito Mussolini and not returned to Ethiopia until 2005
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  • Independence Square
    Independence Arch, Ghana
    • Celebrates the independence of Ghana
    • Every year on Ghana's Independence Day, March 6th, a Ghana holds a large festival in Independence Square
    • 2nd largest city square in the world
    • Contains Black Star Gate, Independence Arch, and a Liberation Day Monument
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