The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s

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Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream" speech
Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream" speech

March on Washington, August 28, 1963
March on Washington, August 28, 1963
See United States History II.25 and U.S. History II.26 for more information on the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

Female_Rose.pngSee Massachusetts U.S History II.27 for more information on the women's rights movement in the 1960s.

WhiteHouseSouthFacade.JPGSee United States History II.28 for information on the Presidencies of Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Carter

external image Reports.gifTeaching the Movement 2014: The State of Civil Rights Education in the United States from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

external image 500px-Gay_flag.svg.pngBrother Outsider TrailerA movie documenting Bayard Rustin, a Civil Rights March organizer who was also openly gay.

Rotating_globe-small.gifWalkout in Crystal City tells the story of a 1969 student walkout at a high school where an all-White school board was allowed only one Mexican American girl to be a member of the cheerleading squad.

Multimedia.pngLectures in History: 20th Century Political Activism by Kriste Lindenmeyer, University of Maryland Baltimore County (2011).

primary_sources.PNG20th Century Social Protest Posters, University of Michigan

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

President Obama Marks the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington (August 28, 2013).

external image Quiz.png"Did You Know?" Myths and Facts about the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

primary_sources.PNGAn Oral History of the March on Washington from the Smithsonian.

Click here for a collection of resources for teaching the March on Washington.

Freedom Summer

Freedom Summer Sourcebook from the Wisconsin Historical Society provides primary documents and teaching materials.

The Vietnam War


primary_sources.PNGPolitical Posters from the United States, Cuba and Vietnam, 1965-1975 from the Sixties Project, University of Virginia

external image Red_apple.jpgA lesson plan from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum on military advisers in Vietnam.

external image 200px-Paperback_book_black_gal.svg.pngUnderstanding and Teaching the Vietnam War. John Day Tully, Matthew Masur, & Brad Austin (eds.). University of Wisconsin Press, 2013.

Lyndon Johnson's Great Society

The Beatles, Kennedy Airport, February 1964
The Beatles, Kennedy Airport, February 1964
Multimedia.pngFor an overview of the Johnson Presidency, see Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society, a Prezi presentation by a high school teacher, Mr. Z.

National Tragedies in the 1960s


primary_sources.PNGNew York Times article reporting the Kent State shootings on May 4, 1970.

Image by Daniel Case
Image by Daniel Case

external image 200px-Gay_flag.svg.pngThe Gay Rights Movement

primary_sources.PNGConstitution of the Mattachine Society of Washington, 1967

Go here for the text of A Woman's Organization for the Purpose of Promoting the Integration of the Homosexual into Society, the mission statement of the Daughters of Bilitis, October 1956

Stonewall Uprising (June 1969)

See Special Topic Page on the Stonewall Riots

Stonewall Riots: The Beginning of the LGBT Movement

For more, see The Stonewall Riot and Its Aftermath from Columbia University.

See also, The Stonewall Riots of 1969: A Turning Point in the Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Liberation

Stonewall Uprising Video

Stonewall Uprising, is the website that accompanies a video from The American Experience.

Multimedia.pngGo here for the Stonewall Uprising video

primary_sources.PNG Police Records Document Start of Stonewall Uprising from the New York Times (June 22, 2009).

Music and the CounterCulture

What's That Sound? Teaching the 1960s through Popular Music from Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

LSD Museum or Institute of Illegal Images in San Francisco contains over 33,000 sheets of blotter paper imprinted with pop culture images and used to transmit doses of LSD