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Go here for more information on English Language Learners and different language speakers in the United States.


America's Foreign-Born in the Last 50 Years is an infographic from the U.S. Census Bureau.


game_icon.svg.pngDiversity in the Classroom from The New York Times (January 29, 2014) has interactive charts and graphs showing the demographics of 17,000 of the nation's school districts, by state and county with trends of enrollment by White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American students.


Religious Landscape Survey from the Pew Research Religion and Public Life Project (2013).


Go to the website The History of Communication Technology from a student at Penn State University with sections on the postal system, the telegraph, phonograph, telephone, radio, and television as well as the Internet.

Steve Jobs, portrait by italian artist Graziano Origa, pen&ink+pantone (2008)
Steve Jobs, portrait by italian artist Graziano Origa, pen&ink+pantone (2008)

.................Steve Jobs Introduces the Macintosh, January 24, 1984.

.................1984 Apple Macintosh Computer Commercial,directed by Ridley Scott and shown during the Super Bowl telecast.

In Pictures, the 30th Anniversary of Apple Macintosh Computers (January 25, 2014)

The World Wide Web turned 25 on March 12, 2014. Click here for the text of Tim Berners-Lee's famous paper, Information Management: A Proposal.

Go here for The Web at 25 in the U.S. from the Pew Research Internet Project (February, 2014).

See also, World Wide Web Timeline, also from Pew Research Internet Project (March, 2014).

For background, see History of the Internet from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.