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The alternating stories of Nya and Salva, two 11-year-olds in Sudan, seek water and safety in a war-torn land.

Book Summary by the author, Linda Sue Park

FAQs for Readers of a Long Walk to Water, from Water for South Sudan

Teacher's Guide, from Rocky Mountain Readers

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 12.30.24 PM.pngWater Conflict Lesson Plan

FIRST 2017-2018 LEGO League Theme on the Human Water Cycle

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Water Facts

  • Amount of water it would take, per day, to support 4.7 billion people at the UN daily minimum: 2.5 billion gallons
    • Amount of water used, per day, to irrigate the world’s golf courses: 2.5 billion gallons

Water Consumption in Africa

Water Use in the United States

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Water Use in the United States, U.S. Geological Survey

H20 = Life from the American Museum of Natural History

Facts and Figures on World Water Use, United Nations

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A Brief History of Water and Health from Ancient Civilizations to Modern Times, IWA Water Wiki