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resourcesforhistoryteachers is an open interactive digital resource devoted to the teaching of history, political science, geography, and economics in K-12 schools in Massachusetts, the United States, and the world.

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massseal.gifThis wiki includes contributions from Professor Robert Maloy, undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and K-12 teachers and students.

It features interactive multimedia and multicultural resources designed to promote engagement and participation in the study of the past, present and future.

In this wiki, you will find:
  • Pages for each of the Learning Standards of the Massachusetts History & Social Science Curriculum Framework at the elementary, middle, and high school levels as well as the AP World History Key Concepts, the AP United States History Themes AP Government and Civics standards and AP Art History standards.
  • Resources for world history, United States history, and pre-1500 history as well as material for the study of world geography, American government, and economics.
  • Web links embedded throughout the pages that direct readers to high quality online academic resources and learning experiences.
  • Photographs, pictures, and other visual images connected to different historical periods and topics.
  • Web links to key primary source materials, including most of the required source material mentioned in the Massachusetts History & Social Science Curriculum Framework.
  • Web links to excellent history teaching resources including the Library of Congress, Presidential Libraries, the National Archives, and dozens of museums and historical organizations.
  • Photos and biographies showcasing notable women and men in American history and world history.
  • Multicultural teaching ideas and information to enable teachers to not only cover the frameworks, but uncover the past by exploring hidden histories and untold stories.

resourcesforhistoryteachers was started in 2006 as part of a course taught by Robert W. Maloy in the School of Education, Education 613, New Developments in History and Political Science Education. Education 613 was designed for prospective history or social studies teachers who were preparing to take the Massachusetts History or Political Science Teacher Test. The goal was to have new teacher candidates work together to create study guides organized around the learning standards set forth in Massachusetts History & Social Science Curriculum Framework on which the state's teacher test was based.

A Guide to Icons

Throughout the wiki, you will find icons for specific types of teaching and learning resources. Follow the links next to the icons to find the information.

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Primary Sources
Multimedia Resources

Women's History Resources

Multicultural and African American History Resources

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Latino Learning Resources

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Native America History Resources

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Historical Biographies

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Massachusetts History

United States Presidents

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Maps and Interactive Geographic Information

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Lesson Plans for Teachers and Students

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Gay and Lesbian History Resources

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ipod/iphone/ipad apps for history/social studies

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Test Questions for Review (Questions are from the Massachusetts Teacher Test, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and other state teacher and student tests).

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Important Writers and Influential Books

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Stacks or Tag Bundles (a set of online resources organized around a common topic or person on Delicious)

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Learning Games, Interactive Websites, 3D Printing

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Economics Resources
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Courts and Law

Wiki Project Team
The resourcesforhistoryteachers project is coordinated by Robert W. Maloy, a faculty member in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst along with undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Education who are earning their licenses as a history teachers. University of Massachusetts Amherst students Michelle Poirier, Kendra Nielsen, Hilary K. Smith. Allison Evans, Lauren Hebert. Lauren Morton, and Emily Taylor have served as teaching assistants for Education 613; graduate student Julie Mangan served as a wiki development project assistant. Graduate students Danielle Nelson and Rebecca Newman have also worked on the project. Below are the editors for the editors for the 2014-2015 school year.
  • Robert Maloy: Webmaster and Lead Editor for U. S. History, World History and American Government
  • Jeremy Greene: Editor for AP World History (Summer 2012 to Present
  • Lauren Morton: General Editor and Project Assistant (Summer 2013 to 2015)
  • Allison Evans: General Editor (Spring 2012 to Present)
  • Lauren Hebert: General Editor (Spring 2012)
  • Eric Ziemba: Editor for Elementary Education Standards (Summer 2012)
  • Joe Emery: Editor for Key Men and Women in History (Summer 2012)
  • Kate Curtin, Education 613 course Teaching Assistant (Spring 2013)
  • Kendra Nielsen: Editor for Women's History and Multicultural Studies (2010-2012)

Robert, Michelle, Jeremy, Danielle, Kendra, Rebecca, Hilary, Emily, Julie, Allison. Lauren, Eric, Kate and Joe are committed to using technology to enliven and advance the study of history. We welcome your comments and suggestions. December, 2016