Picture prior to 1916
Picture prior to 1916

Quill_and_ink.pngHenrietta "Hetty" Green (1834-1916) from National Women's History Museum.

She had a net worth of 100 million dollars when she died in 1916; a figure equal to $2.5 billion today.

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The Witch of Wall Street from the blog, Today I Found Out

But Was She Really the Witch of Wall Street, Library of Congress

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Hetty Green in a 1905 Political Cartoon
Hetty Green in a 1905 Political Cartoon

The Richest Woman in America: Hetty Green in the Gilded Age. Janet Wallach, Anchor Books, 2013

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The illustration from 1906 to the right from the Library of Congress shows eight men and one woman sitting and standing around a table, each is identified with a Cabinet position:
  • J.P. Morgan as "Sec'y Navy",
  • Thomas W. Lawson as "Sec'y War",
  • Thomas F. Ryan as "Att'y Gen'l",
  • James J. Hill as "Sec'y Int.",
  • James H. Hyde as "Sec'y Com. and Lab.",
  • Russell Sage as "Sec'y Agric",
  • Henrietta "Hetty" Green as "Post Mistress Gen'l",
  • Andrew Carnegie as "Sec'y State", and
  • John D. Rockefeller as "Sec'y Treas";
The figures are sitting on the table is a statue labeled "Golden Calf" and hanging on the wall are portraits of "Midas" and "Croesus". On the far left is a ticker tape machine.


16th Amendment to the Constitution: Federal Income Tax (1913)

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