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Castle Garden, New York City (1855-1890)

America's First Immigration Center. 8 million immigrants passed through the center before the opening of Ellis Island. Records can be searched at this site.

Beginning in 1855, it was the nation's only organized immigration center

Castle Clinton National Monument, National Park Service

Where Immigrants Came Before Ellis Island, New York Historical Society

Before Ellis Island Existed, Castle Garden Welcomed Houdini and Typhoid Mary, from Atlas Obscura (April 7, 2016)
  • Among those who entered where Harry Houdini, Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary), Nikola Tesla, Emma Goldman, Joseph Pulitzer, and Frederich Trumpf (President Donald Trump's grandfather)

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Ellis Island, New York City (1892-1954)

  • 5000 to 10,000 people a day passed through between 1900 and 1914

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Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.27.26 AM.pngEllis Island Immigration Footage 1906
Selected Images of Ellis Island Immigration, 1880-1920, Library of Congress

Tenement Museum, an online game set in 1916

Ellis Isand Interactive Tour!

Lower East Side Tenement Museum Virtual Tour

Here are some great links to Primary Sources from Ellis Island for students to look through that talk about some different aspects of immigration from the National Parks Service.

Annie Moore
Statue of Annie Moore, Ireland
Statue of Annie Moore, Ireland

Annie Moore: First Immigrant Through Ellis Island, from Ellis Island Foundation. See January 1, 1892, the first immigrant landed on Ellis Island

She is honored by two statutes, one in Cobh, Ireland and the other at Ellis Island.

Story of the First Through Ellis Island Is Rewritten, New York Times (September 14, 2006).

She did come to New York City from Ireland at age 15, but she did not, however, go west to Texas to pursue the American Dream only to meet a tragic death in a streetcar accident at age 46. Instead she had 11 children (only 5 lived to adulthood) and lived a poor immigrant's life on the Lower East Side, dying at age 50.

Annie Moore is memorialized in the song "Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears" by the group Celtic Thunder. Hear the song sung by Ronan Tynan on YouTube

Life of First Ellis Island Immigrant Revealed, NPR (September 15, 2006)

Lesson plan on How People Came to America, part of American History's 'Preparing for the Oath'.

Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

Known as the Ellis Island of Slavery
Known as the Ellis Island of Slavery

Africans in Carolina, Lowcountry Digital History Initiative

A Port of Entry for Enslaved Africans
40 percent of all enslaved Africans brought to British North America entered here

Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project
  • Identifying all ports of entry for Africans during the 350 years of the Atlantic Slave Trade

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Angel Island, San Francisco (1910-1940)

Immigration Station, Angel Island, San Francisco Bay
Immigration Station, Angel Island, San Francisco Bay

About Angel Island

Known as the Ellis Island of the West

Built to handle influx of European immigrants coming to California through the Panama Canal that never happened; instead majority of immigrants came from China, Japan and other parts of Asia and they were detained for weeks or months at the station

Wong Chung Hong was the first recorded person to enter the country after being admitted and detained at Angel Island.

Native Americans from the Muwekma Ohlone tribe were the first inhabitants of the island

Japanese Immigrants, 1860 to 2008

Discovering Angel Island: The Story Behind the Poems, a lesson plan on realities of immigration through Angel Island.

For more on Angel Island, see United States History II.3 on immigration after the Civil War,

When the "Enemy" Landed at Angel Island, National Archives, Summer 2009
  • Discusses the arrival of non-Asian immigrants at Angel Island during the early 20th century

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Pelican Island, Galveston Texas

Former Immigration Station, Galveston, Texas
Former Immigration Station, Galveston, Texas

Forgotten Gateway: Coming to America through Galveston Island, Houston Museum of Natural Science

Ellis Island on the Gulf: Remembering the Galveston Movement, Houston Public Media
Galveston Immigration Database from Galveston Historical Foundation

Records Open Window to Immigration Past, Houston Chronicle (April 25, 2015)

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Columbia River Quarantine Station, Washington State

Known as the Ellis Island on the Columbia River

Columbia River Quarantine Station at Knappton is Established, May 9, 1899, Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History

Multimedia.pngColumbia River's Ellis Island: The Story of Knappton Cover, Washington State Library

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The U.S. border fence near El Paso, Texas
The U.S. border fence near El Paso, Texas

The American/Mexican Border

How We Got Here: The Roads We Took to America, Houston Institute for Culture

Link to Mexican Immigration to the United States

5 Facts About Mexico and Immigration to the United States, Pew Research Center (February 11, 2016)

Using Military at the U.S. - Mexican Border, an interesting lesson plan (for older students) from PBS about Esequiel Hernandez, a young man shot down by Marines at the border.

Further Reading:
Contemporary Immigrant Gateways in Historical Perspective, focusing on 'settlement trends of immigrants during the periods that bookend the twentieth century, both eras of mass migration', an article by Audrey Singer.