Irish Famine Memorial, Dublin
Irish Famine Memorial, Dublin

Event Summary

The Great Famine of 1845

The Irish Potato Famine

Monoculture and the Irish Potato Famine: Cases of Missing Genetic Variation from Understanding Evolution, University of California Berkeley

Scientists Finally PinPoint the Pathogen that Caused the Irish Potato Famine, Smithsonian, May 21, 2013

Suggested paths of migration of P. infestans lineages HERB-1
Suggested paths of migration of P. infestans lineages HERB-1


Primary Sources

Interpreting the Irish Potato Famine, 1846-1850 from University of Virginia

Irish Views of the Famine


Multimedia Sources

The Irish Potato Famine Documentary combines music, photographs and text (without a voice over) in a short YouTube video.

The Irish Potato Famine offers an animated overview of the event on Vimeo

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Lesson Plans

Hunger on Trial: An Activity on the Irish Potato Famine and Its Meaning for Today, Zinn Education Project

The Real Irish American Story Not Taught in Schools, Bill Bigelow, Zinn Education Project, March 16, 2016