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The History of Malaria, An Ancient Disease from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

History of the Discovery of the Malaria Parasites and Their Vectors, National Library of Medicine

Malaria: Past and Present from Noble Prize.org

Ancestral Malarial Organisms Traced to Age of Dinosaurs

Multimedia.pngThe History of Malaria, on YouTube by TAJ Pharma

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Posted by Wellcome Images


Progress Fighting Malaria: A Timeline

Historical Control of Malaria

See also Dramatic Event page on the Building of the Panama Canal

President's Malaria Initiative was begun by George W. Bush and continued by Barack Obama

DDT and Malaria

Should DDT Be Used to Combat Malaria? Scientific American (2009)

See Important Biography Page for Rachel Carson and Silent Spring

Practical and Effective Alternatives to DDT for Malaria Prevention, World Health Organization

Current Events

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Hard Times in Venezuela Breed Malaria as Desperate Flock to Mines, The New York Times, August 15, 2016