Mother Jones, 1915
Mother Jones, 1915

Quill_and_ink.pngWho Was "Mother" Jones?
  • Mary Harris Jones, also known as "Mother Jones," a labor activist who fought for the rights of child workers.
    • The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations includes a short biography of Mother Jones on their website.

The Most Dangerous Woman in America? The Mock Trial of Mary Harris "Mother Jones" from Teaching Pennsylvania history.

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primary_sources.PNGPrimary Sources

Click here to read Mother Jones: Raising Cain and Consciousness.

The Autobiography of Mother Jones (1925)

Mother Jones Quotes from Mother Jones Museum

Multimedia.pngMultimedia Materials
To watch a short video about a famous march that she went on in 1903, click here.

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Bloomington Labor history mural to the right: A 12 foot tall by 18 foot wide labor history mural adorns the inside of Laborers' Local 362's old hall, 2005 Cabintown Road, Bloomington, Illinois. The mural depicts local labor history, including the Chicago & Alton Railroad Shops and the 1922 Shops workers' strike; a 1917 visit by Mary Harris "Mother" Jones in supporting of striking streetcar workers; a 1937 strike at the Beich Candy Company and the 1978 Normal Fire Fighters' strike. The mural was painted by Kari Sandhaas from 1984-86.

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The Mother Jones Museum includes a collection of teaching resources, including texts, media, and lesson plans.