Public Domain and Copyright Information Resources

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Throughout the Internet there are hundreds of thousands of websites. How do teachers and students know which sites to use to get historical pictures? If you find websites that state their information is in the "public domain," then that information is usable without infringing copyright laws. Additionally, if you find websites that are listed as "creative commons" you are welcome to use the information posted on those sites.

Taking someone's pictures or information and using as your own is a violation of the copyright laws of the United States. If you find information that you wish you use for a Powerpoint, Wiki, Blog, or other teaching technology and it's not in the public domain, make sure you get permission from whichever website that has the information you wish to use.

Fred Zinn from the Office of Information Technologies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has a listing of places to look for copyright free images online.

Here is a list of websites that resourcesforhistoryteachers used to find all the images you see though the site. All of these sites offer images within the public domain, or they have a creative commons license allowing people to use their images.
US History Images

Research Our Records from the National Archives
National Park Services


The Library of Congress: American Memory

Ben's Guide to US Government


US Government

US Department of State: Office of the Historian

University of Texas at Austin Library

Wikimedia Commons

University of Texas at Austin's Portrait Gallery

Permission Emails for History Pictures