USS Alabama with Officers, circa 1908
USS Alabama with Officers, circa 1908

Event Summary

Cruise of the Great White Fleet (1907-1909) from Navy History and Heritage Command. In its round the world sail, the fleet covered
  • 43,000 miles
  • Six continents
  • 20 cities
  • 14 months

Great White Fleet from Theodore Roosevelt Center, Dickinson State University

The Great White Fleet: Reassessing America's Rise to Power

Great White Fleet in Sydney Harbor, 1908
Great White Fleet in Sydney Harbor, 1908


Primary Sources

Theodore Roosevelt's Great White Fleet, Library of Congress

The Great White Fleet Visits Japan 1908

Scrapbook from the Round-the-World Voyage of the Great White Fleet, from History of the Navy in 100 Objects on YouTube. This segment is based on a scrapbook from a crew member

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Teaching Resources

America Abroad from

Theodore Roosevelt: Foreign Affairs, Miller Center, University of Virginia

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