Trump National Golf Club (Los Angeles)
Trump National Golf Club (Los Angeles)

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dollarsign.pngHow Rich Is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump Financial Profile from Forbes
  • Donald Trump Drops 92 places in the Forbes Rich List

How Does Trump's Weatlh Compare to Other US Presidents?

How Popular is Donald Trump, an ongoing calculation of the President's approval rating from multiple polls

Tracking Trump's Promises CNN

The Trump White House, ongoing news stories from The New York Times

lessonplan.jpgLesson Plan: How DACA demonstrates the importance of civic engagement PBS Newshour


The Trump Organization Website

Trump Organization Debts and Controversies

Multimedia.pngInside the Bailout that Saved a Debt-Ridden Trump Organization, Frontline (October 2016)

  • Trump's Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties, The New York Times (August 20, 2016)
    • Companies are more than $650 million dollars in debt--twice the amount reported in public filings as part of the Presidential campaign
  • Trump Organization Corporate Rap Sheet, Corporate Research Project (December 2016)
    • This article discusses controversies around:
      • Alleged racial discrimination
      • Lobbying violations
      • Investor and consumer deception
      • Tax abatements
      • Workplace safety violations
      • Union avoidance
      • Environmental harm

2016 Presidential Campaign and Presidency

Boycotts of Trump Companies

external image Ivanka-Trump-Trump-Card.jpeg

For more on Trump-related businesses, See Ivanka

With Ivanka's Jewelry Ad, Trump Companies Begin to Seek Profit Off Election Result, The Washington Post (November 15, 2016)

Online Sales for the Ivanka Trump Brand Fell 26 Percent in January, CNBC (February 9, 2017)

Ivanka Trump Also Promised to Resign from Family Business, and Hasn't Filed Paperwork, ProPublica (February 2, 2017)