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The Fourteenth Amendment

  • Passed July 9, 1868
  • Reconstruction Amendment
  • Based on the Civil Rights Act of 1866
    Brown v. Board of Education, when segregation was declared a violation of the 14th Amendment
    Brown v. Board of Education, when segregation was declared a violation of the 14th Amendment
  • Five Sections:
    • State and federal citizenship for everyone, no matter of race, born or naturalized in the US
    • States are not permitted to limit "privileges and immunities" of citizens
    • No citizen is denied life, liberty, or property without"due process of law"
    • No citizen can be denied "equal protection of the laws"
    • Congress has the power to enforce these laws
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The Slaughterhouse Cases

  • 1873
  • First decision involving the 14th Amendment
  • Louisiana granted monopoly to Crescent City Livestock Landing and Slaughterhouse Company
  • Since LA granted slaughtering rights within New Orleans, the company will follow state regulations on product, price, etc...
    • Independent butchers could be hired at set prices to work for the company
  • Local butchers sued LA on the grounds that forbidding them to operate their slaughterhouses violated their privileges stated in the 14th Amendment
  • The state courts ruled that the law was constitutional, so the butchers appealed it to the Supreme Court
  • Ruling:
    • "privileges and immunities" protected by the 14th Amendment were limited to those specified by the Constitution
    • Do not include rights from individual states
      • The 14th Amendment forbade the states from withholding privileges and immunities belonging to American citizenship, not state
    • The butchers could still make their living by working for Crescent City
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