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Biography Resources

Theodore Roosevelt biography from the White House

Theodore Roosevelt: Life in Brief from the Miller Center, University of Virginia

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In the photo to the right, Roosevelt stands next to one of his favorite objects, a huge globe on which he used to put small white markers to show the position of US, German and British navies in the Western Hemisphere

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external image Teddy_Roosevelt_portrait.jpg

Facts about Teddy Roosevelt
  • Youngest president in history
  • Believed the president should do everything he can within the law to do what is best for the citizens
  • Was a “trust buster”, leading to Sherman Act
  • Won the Nobel Peace Prize for mediating the Russo-Japanese War
  • Lead the building of the Panama Canal; reserved lands for public use and irrigation projects


Primary Sources

Theodore Roosevelt Primary Source Collection from Emerging America, Collaborative for Educational Services

Theodore Roosevelt: Documents

Roosevelt Message to Congress after Returning from the Canal Zone in Panama, December 17, 1906

The American Antiquities Act of 1906 gave the President the authority to protect objects of historic or scientific significance by declaring them national monuments.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt declared Devils Tower the first U. S. national monument.
  • He also designated 18 different sites as national monuments, including Muir Woods in California and the Petrified Forest in Arizona (National Geographic Magazine, December 2006, p. 26).

Platform of the Progressive Party, August 7, 1912


Multimedia Resources

Teddy Roosevelt, Battle of San Juan Hill,1898
Teddy Roosevelt, Battle of San Juan Hill,1898

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Lesson Plans

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