Practice civic skills and dispositions by participating in activities such as simulated public hearings, mock trials, and debates.

Student Political Rally, 2007
Student Political Rally, 2007

"Genuine civic engagement requires deep knowledge of democratic principles as well as practical experience in influencing public policy." Boston University Center for Civic Engagement

See Special Topic Page on Youth Activism in History

See Connecting as a Democratic Teaching Strategy

The Radical Power of Just Showing Up, an article by University of Massachusetts Amherst Professor Jillian Schwedler published in Aljazeera Online discusses the powerful impact of individual participation the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street movements of 2011.

We the People companion website provides resources for teaching about the constitution.

game_icon.svg.pngThe Voice Of from the Commission on Presidential Debates and YouTube lets individuals express their opinions on the major issues of the 2012 presidential campaign and compare their responses to those of others.

WhiteHouseSouthFacade.JPGWe the People: Your Voice in Government enables citizens to start and sign online petitions for change.

Public Opinion Polls and Data

Link here for lesson plans and other resources from the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, Cornell University