Cover of the 1st edition, 1906
Cover of the 1st edition, 1906

Upton Sinclair early in his career
Upton Sinclair early in his career


Upton Sinclair, New York Times (b. September 20, 1878; d.November 25, 1968)

Was a socialist and anarchist who was very upset by the working conditions and living conditions of workers

Sinclair grew up with his poor family, but spent a few years with his wealthy grandparents
He believed that witnessing the two extremes made him a socialist

Paid his way through college by selling his writing

After graduating, he started selling his novels, which were not very popular
Became interested in investigative journalism

The editor of the socialist journal, Fred Warren, asked Sinclair to investigate Chicago immigrants in the meat packing industry; was paid $500 for seven weeks investigation

Teddy Roosevelt ordered an investigation of the meat packing industry after reading the book

Spent the rest of his life and career as an advocate for political and social causes

Historical Background

Pork Packing, Cincinnati, 1873
Pork Packing, Cincinnati, 1873

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The Jungle and the Progressive Era from Books That Changed History, Gilder Lehman Institute of American History


Primary Sources

Sinclair (black armband) picketing the Rockefeller Building, New York City, 1914
Sinclair (black armband) picketing the Rockefeller Building, New York City, 1914


Multimedia Resources

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Lesson Plans

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1934 Campaign for Governor of California

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