A Gall-Peters Projection of a visible Earth NASA Space Agency
A Gall-Peters Projection of a visible Earth NASA Space Agency

World History I Standards

The Emergence and Expansion of Islam to 1500
The Medieval Period in Europe to 1500
The Encounters Between Christianity and Islam to 1500
The Origins of European Westward Expansion and the Civilization of Central and South America
African History to 1800
Indian History to 1800
History of China, Japan and Korea to 1800
Renaissance and The Reformation in Europe
Scientific Revolution and The Enlightenment in Europe
The Growth and Decline of Islamic Empires

World History II Standards

The Growth of the Nation State in Europe
Industrial Revolution and Social and Political Change in Europe, 1800-1914
Asian, African, and Latin American History in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
The Great Wars, 1914-1945
Cold War Era, 1945-1989
The Contemporary World, 1989-2001


Image IDs from left to right:

1. Leonardo da Vinci, from the National Park Service web page, "Idea of Flight--Aviation: From Sand Dunes to Sonic Booms: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary".
2. Nelson Mandela, from The Office of the Historian web page on the US Department of State website.
3. Marie Curie, from the NIST Virtual Museum web page, "Marie Curie and the NBS Radium Standards".
4. The Great Wall of China, from Flickr user Exfordy, "The Great Wall of China".