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Statute of Zheng He with his great great grandnephew, 2007
Statute of Zheng He with his great great grandnephew, 2007

Indonesian Stamp honoring Zheng He
Indonesian Stamp honoring Zheng He

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On July 11, 1405, the Ming dynasty fleet under Admiral Zheng He began the first of seven voyages from China across the Indian Ocean as far west as Africa, with the last voyage was in 1433. Throughout these voyages Zheng He set new precedents for Chinese exploration and maritime travel. His fleet and their voyages were impressive feats both in their time and today. Before the Chinese ceased naval construction and exploration, Zheng He helped to greatly expand their knowledge of the world around them and what it had to offer.

The Treasure Fleets
Overview of Zheng He's Voyages
Overview of Zheng He's Voyages

Zheng He's boats were enormous in size, measuring 400 feet in length and 170 feet across with 9 masts and a displacement of 3,000 tons. These ships have been called a "treasure fleet." This was 10 times
the size of Vasco da Gama's flagship at the outset of European exploration more than a century later. Check out the differences here - Columbus's Ship vs. Zheng He's Treasure Ship - it's a look at models of the ships side by side!

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