Geography and Geography Teaching Resource List
Compiled by Erica Winter, Fall 2008
Check with each source re: copyright protections.

Jan Vermeer - The Geographer, 1668
Jan Vermeer - The Geographer, 1668


CIA Factbook web site FREE
Really great resource; great images of maps and flags; very up-to-date country profile info., including political and economic conditions; possibly highly biased

UN web site
link to info on permission to publish maps

University of Texas Libraries, Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection [FREE]

Library of Congress, Geography and Maps
Describes maps in the Library’s collections and some history of maps and geography

National Geographic Map Machine – online atlas
maps for personal or classroom use – probably not for posting online

National Geographic – outline maps for teachers

even better ones—free if for classroom use
Gerardus Mercator
Gerardus Mercator


General geography:
“Geography 101” online overview of the entire field of Geography; serves as an intro. Textbook for teachers or students; two emails sent every week cover all major topics in geography discipline; free of charge (but copyright protected)
Global Connections; “Global Connections is the online home to a family of sites created to help teachers, students, and the general public learn more about events around the world through readings, lesson plans, links, timelines, and maps.” [quoted from site]
Global Watch; “Global Watch focuses on how the world sees the United States and its policies abroad, and how world opinion towards us continues to evolve—often in ways that Americans do not understand.” [quoted from site].
Global Tribe; travel show that looks at the real lives of people in countries visited; more info below under TV and Radio
web site for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization; treasure-trove of world cultures and geography info., including the Courier, the group’s free online magazine
National Council for Geography Education
the NCGE’s Geography Club with lots of activities for students and lesson plans
US Geological Survey; has geography section ( )

National Geographic Earth Pulse
interactive maps and charts; “a visual guide to global trends;” could be great in the classroom if you have a digital projector; ex. “Who Grows Your Food? Agriculture needs trigger water-supply challenges”

Pen Pal club (with fees)

Online pen pal resource

JANERA Magazine "the voice of global nomads"
From web site: “Our online magazine offers a treasure chest of content, a mix of spoken and written Words, Images and Films—both editorial and user-generated. Read, listen to or watch, opinions of economic and cultural thought leaders, profiles on cool individuals who live continent-spanning lives, and be inspired by beauty, resourcefulness and courage.” And also, a definition of global nomad: “Global Nomads come from anywhere. Some are hybrids, forging a unique identity in the space between cultures. Some are sent abroad for work. Some move out of necessity to improve their economic or political chances. Some trek afar of their own free will—to do business, to study, or to expand their horizons and seek new sources of inspiration. Some are more geographically anchored but cultivate a cosmopolitan perspective. All taste the world as a glorious smorgasbord, identify with more than their national origins, choose people with similar experiences as their friends, and put in their two cents while they’re at it.

Migration Policy Institute
Think tank studying movement of people around the world.

A Journey Through Time
Photographer Franz Lanting’s project to do a photo essay on the life of the Earth through evolution. An amazing online photo slide-show; perfect for physical geography unit.

Global Voices Online
Blog on international news and events;.

The United Nations
great for maps and a wide variety of international resources and information

The National Geography Bee
daily quizzes for beginner and experts; sign up your school for the Natl. Geo Bee; geog and cultures info. and resources

History World-nation-specific history

profiles of countries of the world from a geographic POV

Time for Kids: Around the World,28125,,00.html
lots of activities for geography students, such as sightseeing tours, quizzes, and historical timelines, as well as lesson plans for teachers

Nation or Region-Specific:
external image LocationNSAm3.png
South America

Here you can download a map puzzle to help remember the countries of South America.

Variety of information on Argentina

Relative and absolute location

List of most populous countries and their populations as of mid-2006

Population map of South America (permission requested)

Political map of South America (public source)

Physical/ satellite map of South America (permission requested)

A short online South America geography quiz

Buckets of geography quizzes! Enjoy…

Library of Congress country study on Brazil (economic data as of 1997)

CIA country study on Brazil

Middle East

Map of Europe, U. TX Libraries
What’s up now in Albania :

The European Union
EU homepage in English
© European Communities, 1995-2008
“Reproduction is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged, save where otherwise stated.”
Background info on the EU

History of the EU

details on events in the EU in the 2000s

Animated map showing the growing EU

Timeline of the EU

BBC source: Languages Across Europe

European history timeline

Chart of European countries and languages spoken in each

Chart of language families

Manx info

More info on Manx from the Isle of Man Web site

listen to Manx! Are the crabs crawling, Joe?

Culture, Art and Society
(NYC) Metropolitan Museum of Art’s online timeline of history and art, shows how art migrates across regions—fantastic stuff


The National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.

The National Education Association, Washington, D.C.

Association of American Geographers


The Amazing Race CBS television
Eleven teams of two race around the world, performing physical or strategic tasks, sometimes culturally-based, in the countries on the route. Teams that come in last on each leg of the race are eliminated. The last team left at the end are the winners, and get $1 million.

Globe Trekker PBS television
Solo travelers go to countries or small regions all over the world and visit places off the beaten track, with an emphasis on nature and culture. A back-packer’s travel show.

The World American Public Radio
Daily news show with international focus; led by BBC news; has daily “Geo-Quiz.”

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? PBS television (1991-1996)
Although not seemingly available on DVD, there is a Wikipedia description; of the game ( which could be reconstructed for use in the classroom

Global Tribe PBS television
“GlobalTribe is a new PBS series that combines the spirit of travel with a meaningful exploration of the global issues that affect us all. On our journeys to remote corners of the world, we seek to understand in human terms the universal struggles of our planet: from healing racial wounds to saving the environment to improving the lives of the poorest among us. Our quest is also to find solutions and to meet the unsung heroes in every country who offer us hope and a path to a better tomorrow.” [quoted from show’s web site]

Journey to the Planet Earth PBS television
Show looks at physical geography and its links to people and climate; topics include rivers, urban areas, global warming, etc.

Talk of the Nation, Science Friday NPR radio program
Story on how climate change is making animals seek higher terrain for cooler temps.


Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? The Learning Company
Computer game, for sale at The description on Amazon reads:
From Children's Software Revue-- Kids can once again search for criminals across the globe with this updated version of the classic geography program. Carmen Sandiego is on another spree of mischief, stealing the Olympic flame and pilfering all the salt from the Dead Sea! Children are given the task of tracking down Carmen and her cohorts, country by country. As they travel to 50 different locations to follow leads, players tour each area to get the lay of the land. While talking to inhabitants while narrowing down the clues, they'll hear bits of twelve other languages. To aid their sleuthing, children can use a talking foreign language dictionary or directly access an Internet link to maps, satellite images and geographic resources. Testers greatly enjoyed the program but found that they needed an almanac when trying to figure out the clues. Kids loved the suspense of the game and especially liked the scrolling panoramic graphics. The program is very educational as well as entertaining. In the Multimedia Library, children can watch National Geographic Society videos and access essays, maps and color photos of locations across the globe. Guided tours are available so that kids can learn world geography as well as facts about international music, art and history. Other skills emphasized include database research skills, deductive reasoning and map reading. We highly recommend this terrific CD-ROM, to both schools and homes- just make sure you've got an almanac handy.
Teaches: geography, facts about 50 countries, language, logic
Age Range: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Copyright © 2000 Children's Software Revue

The Global Puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle of the world map with all countries and oceans.
buckets of geography games and activities

A short online South America geography quiz

Buckets of geography quizzes! Enjoy…


Young geographers: How they explore the world & how they map the world
Lucy Sprague Mitchell (1971)

Material World
Peter Menzel

World Geography and You
Good lower-level textbook
Vivian Bernstein

Maps, Globes, Graphs
Wiesrer Educational
Billings, Henry

Unlocking Geography Skills and Concepts
Robert Goldberg, Richard Haynes
Globe Freaon

Unlocking the 5 Themes of Geography
Fraser, Celeste
Globe Fearon

If the World Were A Village
David Smith

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
Peter Menzel & Faith D’Aluisio
10 Speed Press

The Penguin State of the World Atlas 7th Ed
Dan Smith

Mapping the World by Heart
David Smith

Geochallenge: 180 Geography Brain Teasers for Kids
Good Year books

Peoples and cultures//
edited by Alisdair Rogers.

Teaching geography
Phil Gersmehl

Geography : realms, regions, and concepts
H.J. de Blij, Peter O. Muller.

The Oxford Atlas of the World
Oxford University Press

Drawing the line : tales of maps and cartocontroversy
Mark Monmonier

Harm de Blij's geography book : a leading geographer's fresh look at our changing world
Harm de Blij

You are here : personal geographies and other maps of the imagination
Katharine Harmon__